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Deploying education programmes from the US to Europe



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2014-03-13 오후 6:23:20

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Below article is sourced from Focus magazine published by MCI

Deploying education programmes from the US to Europe

US associations generally face a diversity of challenges when bringing their education programmes to the old continent. Indeed, Europe is an extremely competitive market and it does take some time and effort to successfully penetrate that new territory.

Basic things can challenge US organisations in organising programmes in Europe – online trainings scheduled without taking time differences into account, for example, is a common mistake. Similarly, organisations organising a live programme in Europe would want to avoid local public holidays to ensure maximal attendance.But there is much more to it.

Obviously, language is another obstacle that US organisations may overlook when launching new products or services into the European market. US English and European English are different things, with the main differences in the spelling and tone – even also in the vocabulary, which can challenge the understanding of a European audience. Marketing channels to promote are similar to what an organisation would use in the US, but these will be utilised differently.

- Email blasts are inexpensive and impactful, but they will need to be prepared with special attention, as the messaging really needs to avoid giving the impression that the programme and promotional piece was copy-pasted to Europe.

- Printed brochures sent by postal mailing seem to make a bigger impact seeing as more and more organisations use electronic communications nearly exclusively, making it far less common nowadays to receive brochures by post. Their look, feel and content should be specifically targeted for European customers, again in order to avoid that copy-paste feeling.

- Social media cannot really be avoided nowadays. It should however not be used as a raw promotion tool, but rather as a soft way of positioning the organisation as an education provider by sharing some specific content to the audience and ideally prompting interaction.

- Partnering with carefully selected, established, local organisations can work wonders: it can enhance the US organisation’s credibility, demonstrate the local relevance of that organisation and its programme and broaden the organisation’s outreach.

Additionally, database segmentation is crucial; the more specific the promotion message, the better. Segmentation can be done per industry sector, by product or by country, recognising that there is no such thing as the ‘United States of Europe’.

Generally speaking, to try and ensure the successful launch of educational products or services in Europe, US organisations should before anything else undertake some research and acquire some in-depth knowledge of the region into which they want to launch an initiative. A broad market scanning will be instrumental in identifying high potential countries and cities, to find potential partners and to assess the needs/expectations of potential customers.

Watch the podcast interview with Geraldine Damar as she discusses in more depth the keys to deploying education in Europe http://growglobally.org/?p=1294.

Contact geraldine.damar@mci-group.com

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