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Association trends for 2014



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2014-03-05 오후 2:40:06

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Over the last year, AMC Institute has been taking notice of industry trends seen to be gaining prominence. Three trends to focus on in 2014 are: mobile apps, diversifying membership models and using social media

Travel for many in the industry is second nature; however frequent travel can make it difficult to keep up with work on the go. Mobile apps such as Evernote, Skype and CloudOn help keep users connected. Similarily, using mobile apps such as XE converter, Google translate, Fight Track and Uber increase efficiency and help us travel resourcefully.

Membership gurus are always looking for ways to increase and engage association members. Focusing on understanding each generation, from the milennials to the baby-boomers, will allow associations to maximize their reach by using generation segmentation.

with social media increasingly being used for business , many find that the two worlds of personal and work often collide online. It is not uncommon for staff to use Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for association use during office hours and the same tools outside of work. Social media will only continue to grow in importance as it becomes more criticle for associations to mimic the regular business world. We look forward to continuing to learn, grow and become even more efficient in 2014.





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